September 21, 2021
Twitter Popular Articles

Twitter Popular Articles Launches on Android, iOS

Twitter Popular Articles, a new news aggregation tool, comes to both Android and iOS apps, grouping popular interacted stories around the microblog…

Microblog Twitter just released a new feature. It collects stories most shared on the social media platform within a user’s own network. Called Twitter Popular Articles, it’s a news aggregation feed, which works much like Nuzzel.

Twitter Popular Articles Debuts on Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Now available globally on Android and iOS, Twitter Popular Articles give its users more access to popular topics. However, it’s somewhat extraneous and inconspicuous. It’s buried under special-purpose sections and not up top, appearing beneath “Popular in General News.”

Popular Articles doesn’t provide much detail about who and when the stories were initially tweeted. Instead, it provides only a numeric count of followers who shared the same link. Users can tap the “show more” option and see a bit more information. But, it only reveals the number of tweet across the microblog and not a user’s personal network.

Twitter Popular Articles feed
Credit: Twitter, The Next Web

The feature is probably to appeal to users who don’t tweet and retweet much. Its seeming aim is to get those users to up their engagement times on the platform. Twitter Popular Articles also includes stories which are rising in shares among a user’s own network.

The company confirmed the worldwide roll out but states it’s not yet available to all users. At this time, there’s is no further explanation on the official Twitter blog.