August 5, 2022
Twitter precise location geo-tagging

Twitter Removes its Optional Location Geo-Tagging Feature

The optional Twitter precise location geo-tagging tool is no more, as the social microblog removes the feature from tweets…

Geo-tagging is a sticky issue. (Forgive the pun.) It’s helpful in some circumstances, like when covering a news-worthy event. But often times, it’s not necessary. People prefer to share general locations via check-ins rather than exact coordinates.

Understanding this and seeing very little use, Twitter is removing the feature from tweets but it will remain available through the platform’s updated camera.

Twitter Precise Location Geo-Tagging Option Removed

The Twitter precise geo-tagging feature isn’t going away completely. The social platform will still ask for user permission to access precise whereabouts. This way, Twitter can show local content and of course, use it for ad-targeting. 

Put another way, Twitter will still have access to its users’ exact locations for its own purposes but in most cases, users won’t be able to share their location information with others. So, it’s still something of value to Twitter but largely an unused function for people tweeting.

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