May 24, 2022
Twitter Proactively Locked Accounts after Last Week's Hack

Twitter Locked People Out of Their Accounts Last Week, Immediately Following its Hack Last Week

Twitter states it “proactively” locked an undisclosed number of users out of their accounts, after it suffered its largest attack ever…

After last week’s hugely embarrassing hack, Twitter immediately moved to limit the damage. The social microblog did so by proactively locking down a number of user accounts. This, after attackers compromised high-profile names like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Elon Musk.

Twitter Proactively Locked Accounts after Last Week’s Hack

Twitter took the action and posted a message that was addressed to anyone affected. The company stated it made the move to investigate more possible account hacks. However, the social site did not say just how many accounts were affected by the automatic lock out.

Not only did Twitter fail to disclose the number of impacted accounts, it did not provide instructions how those individuals could regain access to their profiles. But, it did say that it was taking extra caution to ensure the rightful owners regained access.

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