June 22, 2021
Twitter profile previews

New Twitter Profile Preview makes Following Conversations and Spotting Online Bullies All the More Easy

A new but limited Twitter profile previews test allows some iOS users to peak at accounts, making it less arduous to follow conversations…

Some iOS users are now privy to a new Twitter profile preview feature, which allows them to see unknown people without leaving their timelines.

To quickly access the tool, simply tap on the user’s handle inside a tweet. This triggers an info card, with basic details about that person. It also gives users the ability to mute or follow the other person. Or, to jump to his or her profile; or, just go back to browsing.

Twitter Profile Previews iOS Test Rolls Out to Limited User Group

The safety team at Twitter explains why it’s experimenting with the new profile previews: 

“We want you to know who is behind the accounts that appear on your timeline. With this experiment, we’re working to make it easier to learn who is behind an account. It’s also easier to follow or mute an account now.”

Consequently, users can more easily get a sense of who’s behind the handle and whether or not it’s a bully, a creep, or even a bot posing as a human.

It’s a great way to check out who is exactly behind an unknown handle and if it’s worthwhile to get into a discussion or just move on to other things.

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