September 20, 2022
Twitter profile warnings

Twitter Profile Warnings Latest Anti-Abuse Measure

Twitter profile warnings are currently in testing, part of a new measure to combat abuse on the platform but no particulars about its application are given…

Twitter recently introduced abusive account temporary restrictions. Now, the company is testing a new anti-abuse tool. This, in conjunction with policing abusive or low-quality tweets, and providing safe search results.

Twitter Profile Warnings in Testing on the Social Media Microblog

While each of these individual measures are small, cumulatively, they provide better user experience. In its latest effort to stop abuse on the network, Twitter is now testing profile warnings which completely block their public view.

Twitter profile warnings example
Credit: Twitter / Mashable

As pictured, there is a profile view option but it appears this is to at least give other users pause. Flagged accounts are not notified and to-date, Twitter has not given specific guidelines, according to a report by Mashable.

However, the social network has told TechCrunch the feature works similarly to how other sensitive content becomes flagged. Those guidelines currently rely on user reports and personal settings.

This measure is currently only in limited testing, so it’s unclear if and when it will apply broadly in the future. The Twitter sensitive content warning might not prove useful in its trial run and be abandoned altogether.

The microblog just introduced new filters to mute content and notifications two weeks ago.

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