June 23, 2022

Twitter Purchases Ubalo, Seeking Speed

Twitter purchases Ubalo
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San Francisco, California–The Twitter website is about to get faster, at least that seems to be the purpose behind the microblog’s purchase of Ubalo, a scalable computation service. The start-up, based in Palo Alto, California, has helped some rather large entities speed-up their websites and should be an asset to the second largest social media site on the internet.

The announcement was made on the Twitter blog, but terms of the deal were not disclosed. Ubalo is not commenting much either on its acquisition but states that it is excited to be part of the many Twitter tools the social site currently incorporates.

Twitter Followers, Users a Key Factor

The Twitter home page is likely to see some improvement in speed, but the focus will probably occur across the platform to make browsing the site faster. In addition, internal coders, as well as, third parties, will be able to develop more advanced Twitter apps, as Ubalo states one of its key services is to wrap up all the processes into one unique, lightweight software package it calls “pods”.

“We hide the details of the computers, environments, and messaging, so our users can worry much less about integration and scaling and instead write just the code they need for their analysis or processing,” the scalability service states, according to news report PC World.

Previous clients of Ubalo include Amazon and the United States Census Bureau. The start-up helped the world’s largest online marketplace of media speed up its processing time for image uploads to its S3 web storage service. In the case of the United States Census Bureau, Ubalo assisted it with retrieving and processing data more efficiently.

Twitter Making Other Changes

In recent months, the social network has made a number of changes. It announced last month it would be rolling out a two-step security feature after another hack of one of the largest handles on the microblog, the Associated Press. Every Twitter app also got new support, when the site refreshed its mobile platform.

Twitter advertising has been strong, and news reports state that it, along with Facebook, might soon make video advertising available.

Once the new coding system has been implemented, users should expect to see the Twitter feed speed up and more quickly be able to access Twitter trending topics.

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