September 13, 2021
Twitter ban

Twitter is Now Deleting Accounts which Attempted to Circumvent Suspensions

A Twitter ban is now out to permanently remove account holders who tried to evade prior suspensions imposed by the microblog…

Twitter has announced it’s starting to remove accounts from its platform who’ve attempted to work around account suspensions. The social site states this ban applies to profiles which have previously been suspended for abusive behavior. Or, facing expulsion for trying to evade a past suspension.

Twitter Purging Repeat Offender Accounts

Twitter also states the banishment will begin this week and continue in the coming weeks. The microblog explains it is targeting individuals who have been previously suspended, only to create new accounts:

“This week, we are suspending accounts for attempting to evade an account suspension. These accounts were previously suspended for abusive behavior or evading a previous suspension, and are not allowed to continue using Twitter.”

The announcement came from its Safety handle and there are no other details at this time. It’s unknown just how many accounts are in the crosshairs. It’s also unknown how the platform identifies people who have returned under a new profile. It likewise doesn’t address the many unused accounts on the site. But, Twitter did write it’s specifically targeting repeat offenders:

Twitter has recently gotten into gear to tackle its spam problem. In fact, its efforts rose by 214 percent compared to last year. But, it’s taken a long time to get here. It was only in February of this year the company finally got serious about its bot problem. This, after research revealed 48 million accounts were bots. Thereafter, Twitter suspended 58 million profiles in Q4 2017. Now, it’s working to detect and remove accounts previously suspended:

“We will continue this work in the coming weeks as we identify others who are attempting to Tweet following an account suspension. If you believe your account has been suspended in error, please let us know.”

The corporation has also begun locking out users who created their profiles when they technically weren’t old enough to join. For instance, if a user created an account under the age of 13, and now attempts to update their profile to reflect their current age, the platform will shut them out.

Twitter states it’s currently identifying previously suspended account holders and will do so over the weeks ahead: