October 4, 2022
Twitter Reactions Found Buried in Latest Mobile App Code Analysis

Twitter May Soon Launch Reactions, Recent Code Hidden from Public View, Suggests

Twitter reactions have been the subject of speculation and now, newly uncovered hidden code reveals the microblog’s plans to support a small array of emotions…

Twitter reactions rumors have swirled for some time. Even as late as the summer of this year, the scuttlebutt surrounding such additions has made periodic appearances in tech news. But now, there’s concrete evidence to support the microblog’s addition of Facebook-style reactions. This, according to recent reports about the findings of code sleuth Nima Owji, who tweeted out his discovery.

Twitter Reactions Found Buried in Latest Mobile App Code Analysis

Owji uncovered the emoticons, which include a thinking face, happy face, sad face, clap, heart, and even a downvote. Of course, these are not ready for public use. As a result, Twitter might change what’s been leaked, the social site might go ahead with the current iterations. Since this isn’t ready for public release the microblog could abandon its plans all together but what it will actually do remains unknown, however, putting this much time and effort probably means Twitter will add reactions to its platform sometime in the future.

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