June 24, 2022
Twitter redesigned replies

Twitter Invites its Users to Try Out its Newly Redesigned Replies in a Public Test

A widened Twitter redesigned replies experiment is now open to all users, as part of an ongoing initiative to totally rethink the site…

Back in October, Twitter announced it was overhauling conversations on the platform. The company explained it was doing so to foster friendlier and more meaningful discussions.

It began with a limited group of users. Now, Twitter is encouraging everyone to try it out, simply by applying.

Twitter Redesigned Replies Public Test goes Live

The new Twitter redesigned replies experiment is out “to┬ámake it easier to see more of what people are saying.”

Participants now see a rounded shape, which are similar to text messages. Plus, replies are now indented, like a discussion forum thread. Also, follower replies appear in blue, while replies from the original tweeter appear in grey.

Another important part of the test is a focus on de-emphasizing engagement numbers. Instead of conspicuous like and retweet numbers, users must click or tap on replies to see these figures. Additionally, tapping or clicking on replies surfaces sharing options and reveals other details about the tweet.

All-and-all, it’s not a huge departure from the familiar UI. Although, with these little tweaks, it should make it easier to follow conversations.Twitter says it will evaluate feedback and any site-wide release remains “many months” away.

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