October 1, 2022
Twitter Ads copywriting tips

Twitter Releases 5 Twitter Ads Copywriting Tips

Social media microblog provides brands with five Twitter Ads copywriting tips to increase user engagement and drive up conversions for more sales…

Twitter recently published new ad copywriting tips to help businesses receive more user interaction. The company continues to make improvements to its platform, including its complete overhaul with its new Twitter Lite mobile progressive web app experience.

Twitter Offers 5 Twitter Ads Copywriting Tips to Advertisers

The social microblog states emphasizing urgency, discounting by a percentage, offering free items, avoiding distracting hashtags, and asking questions all help to increase user engagement.

“Small tweaks to the Tweet copy in your Twitter Ads can lead to big improvements in your results. By testing out different ad copy you’ll uncover what resonates with your audience,” Joe Wadlington explains.

Twitter states emphasizing urgency compels users to take immediate action. The social network suggests using call-to-action phrases such as “sign up no, “for a limited time”, and “low stock.”

The company reveals more users click tweets expressing discounts as percentages rather than dollar amounts. “20% off just sounds like more than $5 off doesn’t it?” Twitter says encouraging users to take advantage of free items is a great way to foster more leads. Stating if brands offer items which are truly free, celebrate them.

The microblog warns hashtags risk users clicking on these operators instead of call-to-actions. Lastly, Twitter states asking a question is another way to improve ad copy. Because asking a question, “…helps people feel like they’re part of a conversation and can compel them to click-through.”

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