September 16, 2022

Yes, Twitter Really did Remove its Auto-Cropping Tool for both Android and iOS, so Vertical Photos can be Freely Uploaded

Twitter recently pulled its automatic cropping tool which previously prevented most tall pictures from being posted to the social microblog…

Twitter no longer automatically crops vertical photos being uploaded from Android and iOS devices alike. Prior to the change, lovable characters like Groot and Chewbacca were out of luck. (This went equally for wildlife such as giraffes and elephants — even breaching whales.) That’s because Twitter forced vertical images into a software-enabled resizing of sorts, that wouldn’t accommodate tall pictures.

Twitter Removes its Automatic Image Cropping on Android and iOS

Twitter previously ran vertical images through an algorithm which would obscure them, until users tapped on the media to expose the entire content. This often resulted in odd configurations and unfortunately misplaced focus. Now, when people tweet a tall photo with their Android or iOS devices, the media will appear in the timeline in their entirety. What’s more, users can also preview what images will look like within the tweet composer prior to posting. So, they’ll see how it appears without having a brief panic of what the algorithm would apply.

Twitter first made it known in March that it was in the process of testing new features to improve how images appear on the site. Plus, the platform recently updated to accommodate 4K image quality.

Savannah Marie

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