September 30, 2022
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Twitter @Replies No Longer Counted against 140 Character Limit

Twitter @replies or @name will no longer count against the familiar 140 character limit, the social media microblog has announced in a short video tweet…

In May of last year, Twitter announced new changes to its platform, specifically not counting @name against the 140 character limit, the addition of more media attachments, and more. Now, ten months later, @reply character count drop is here.

Twitter @Replies No Longer Counted in the Microblog’s 140 Character Limit

The introduction of the change came yesterday afternoon, “We’re changing replies so that you have all 140 characters to express yourself. ,” the announcement tweet reads.

“Rolling out today: use all 140 characters for replies, and a cleaner focus on the text of a conversation instead of addressing syntax,” CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted.

As the video above demonstrates, the change places users’ Twitter handles in a new field for a reply, above the message, giving it an email-like look. The purpose of the new format is to make Twitter easier to use. But, the change isn’t yet compatible with all third-party tools.

tweet replies
Credit: Twitter

The update is available on the desktop site, as well as Android and iOS. The company states it’s continuing to improve the platform, “Our work isn’t finished – we’ll continue to think about how we can improve conversations and make Twitter easier to use.”

The social microblog continues to struggle financially and it’s now plagued by a scandal as research recently revealed 48 million accounts are bots, not people.

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