November 5, 2022
Twitter Reply Limit Option Opens to All iOS Users after Extensive Testing

All Twitter iOS Users can Now Take Advantage of a New Tweet Reply Limit — Here’s How

Twitter tested a tweet reply limit back in May on iOS and now, it’s available to all Apple device users, but its Android status is unknown…

Social microblog Twitter ran an experiment just a couple of months ago. The company gave a small portion of its iOS users the power to limit replies to their tweets. (Ostensibly, this will help people better take control of their conversations and to avoid trolls.) Now, it’s open to all iOS users. 

Twitter Reply Limit Option Opens to All iOS Users after Extensive Testing

The new tweet reply limit tool lets users place certain restrictions on reactions to their posts. Users can limit replies to everyone, people they follow, or users mentioned in the tweet. (If no one is mentioned in the tweet, then no one can reply to the post.) 

To use the new tweet reply limit on iOS, just tap on the box above the keyboard when composing a tweet. Then, select one of three options: Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you mention. (Choosing one does not set it as the default for future posts, by the way.)

Twitter updated its Apple App Store page to include the following message:

“In May, we tested a new way to have a chat with exactly who you want, so you can create and consume more meaningful changes. Now, everyone can try this new feature and choose who can reply to their tweets.”

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