July 3, 2022
Twitter Reportedly Experimenting with a New Thread Untag Option

Twitter might Soon Let Users Opt Out of Threads by Untagging Themselves

Twitter is apparently playing around with an option that would let its users manually untag themselves from threads…

Twitter is quietly working on a new option that would give users the ability to untag their handles inside discussions, according to code sleuth Jane Manchung Wong, who discovered the feature and posted screenshots of it. Although Twitter isn’t officially acknowledging it is building the tool, early findings reveal that it is appropriately called “leave this conversation,” which differs in functionality from “mute this conversation.” Of course, being in the early phases, it’s impossible to know whether or not this new power will find its way out to everyone in the future.

Twitter Reportedly Experimenting with a New Thread Untag Option

Twitter has a long history of experimenting with different things and routinely keeps its tentative plans under wraps. But, the first iterations that are appearing in the code would allow users to untag themselves, thereby replacing the hyperlinked handle with just plain text. This could potentially create enough friction to prevent others from going off into tangential for ancillary conversations.

Currently, the mute option only turns off notifications from a participating thread. However, this would take things to a whole new level, not only disabling notifications but essentially shutting down any interaction, though anyone who elects to untag themselves can still read the thread.

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