September 20, 2022
Twitter Restores its Normal Retweet Button after Failed Experiment

Twitter Returns Retweets to Normal as the Microblog Ends its Quote Tweet Experiment

Twitter’s retweet button is now back to its pre-election form, after the company ran a lengthy test that included a new format…

Social microblog Twitter has returned its retweet button to its normal state of affairs following an experiment that began prior to the 2020 US elections. The test, according to the company, was to encourage more discussion and foster a greater sense of contributions to conversations. Instead of merely reposting content again, the test prompted users to contribute their own thoughts before retweeting. However, the experiment revealed that it actually caused individuals to retweet less.

Twitter Restores its Normal Retweet Button after Failed Experiment

Twitter began the test in the run up to this year’s campaign, changing the retweet button from a single action into an interactive experience. But, it appears users really didn’t like the change whatsoever. Not only did people post many complaints about it, Twitter’s user base as a whole saw a substantial drop off in the number of reposts:

“The use of Quote Tweets increased, but 45 percent of them included single-word affirmations and 70 percent had less than 25 characters. The increase in Quote Tweets was also offset by an overall 20 percent decrease in sharing through both Retweets and Quote Tweets.”

The change not only upset long time users, it confused people new to the platform. Those who had not encountered the old format probably didn’t understand what they were supposed to do when they attempted to repost something. 

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