August 14, 2020
Twitter Security Vulnerability let Researcher Match 17 Million Phone Numbers with Users

Researcher Found a Flaw in Twitter that Let Him Match 17 Million Phone Numbers to Users

A security research was able to exploit a flaw in Twitter that allowed him to match an astounding 17 million phone numbers to individual users…

Social media most definitely has its downsides and one constant threat is the potential exploitation of users’ data. Twitter has experienced its fair share of security goofs and now, a researcher has managed to manipulate a flaw to match up millions of phone numbers with individual users’ accounts.

Twitter Security Vulnerability let Researcher Match 17 Million Phone Numbers with Users

Security researcher Ibrahim Balic revealed to TechCrunch he had successfully gamed the Twitter app for Android, letting him match 17 million phone numbers with their respective user profiles.

Affected users were in various countries, such as France, Greece, Israel, and Turkey. Some of them were even politicians and state officials.

Balic didn’t notify Twitter about the glitch but did personally warn some impacted users directly. However, Twitter did block the workaround on December 20th.

Aly Pavela, a spokesperson for Twitter tells Engadget the following:

“We take these reports seriously and are actively investigating to ensure this bug can’t be exploited again. When we learned about this bug, we suspended the accounts used to inappropriately access people’s personal information. Protecting the privacy and safety of the people who use Twitter is our number one priority and we remain focused on rapidly stopping spam and abuse originating from the use of Twitter’s APIs. “

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