January 18, 2022
Twitter Snapchat like video sharing tool

Twitter Now Reportedly Building a New Video Sharing Tool that Rips Off Snapchat

A new Twitter Snapchat-like video sharing tool is currently in the works, in an effort to boost user engagement through less friction…

Everyone is on the video sharing train. Now, it appears Twitter is doing more to catch up to favorites like Snapchat and Instagram. A new report from Bloomberg reveals the microblog is currently developing a video feature which borrows heavily from Snapchat.

Twitter Snapchat-like Video Sharing Tool in Development

The new Twitter Snapchat-like video sharing tool ostensibly makes the process easier. However, there’s no word or confirmation Twitter plans to add the signature ephemeral feature which makes Snapchat so popular, especially with teens.

Recently, Twitter has done much to make its app easier to use as it continues to struggle financially. For instance, the company introduced “Threads,” a new serial posting option in December. Back in November a new Moments format came to light.

Report details reveal something more akin to Instagram, though it’s explicitly compared to Snapchat. The new tool is smartly designed to reduce the number of steps to share a video. Less friction, more engagement seems like it’s the ultimate goal. Instagram did this same thing some time ago, which it placed a big button in the center that opens the camera. However, Instagram took this idea from Snapchat, so who knows?

What’s most ironic is the fact Snapchat’s biggest features have already been copied for years with mixed levels of success. For instance, it’s certainly worked for Instagram. However, there’s been no real traction for clones built into Facebook or WhatsApp. Therefore, it’s difficult to estimate how this move will work for Twitter.

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