August 6, 2022
Twitter spam crackdown

Twitter Reports 1 Million Fewer Users amidst Bot Crackdown

An ongoing Twitter spam crackdown just cost the microblog one million users, though the accounts were never actually real people…

To a social media corporation, user count and engagement are everything. Because it offers an ostensibly free service, users are the product. So, when users leave the platform or fail to interact, it’s bad news. Twitter, long accused of inflating its number of accounts, will likely face a reckoning as its ongoing bot crackdown costs the microblog 1 million “users.”

Twitter Spam Crackdown Negatively Impacts its Monthly User Count

Twitter has recently gotten into gear to tackle its spam problem. In fact, its efforts rose by 214 percent compared to last year. But, it’s taken a long time to get here. It was only in February of this year the company finally got serious about its bot problem. This, after research revealed 48 million accounts were bots. Thereafter, Twitter suspended 58 million profiles in Q4 2017.

As a result of the most recent bot sweep, Twitter’s monthly user count dropped by 1 million over the past few months. But, that’s not where it necessarily ends. It could further sink as the company identifies and deletes bot and spam accounts. In the previous quarter, the social microblog fell from 336 million users to 335 million this quarter.

Twitter also warns investors it could additionally lose “mid-single-digit millions” over the coming months. As for its daily user growth, that number is up by 11 percent, year-over-year. However, that represents a 1 percent drop in growth from this time last year. It’s not all bad news, Twitter reported a profit for the third quarter in a row. It’s first ever profit came in Q4 2017, followed by a second posted profit in Q1 2018.

Although, Twitter shares dropped 14 percent this morning.