December 2, 2021
Twitter Stops Auto-Refreshing Timelines on the Web

ICYMI: Twitter’s Web Client Now Behaves like its Android and iOS Apps in Relation to ‘Disappearing’ Tweets

Twitter’s web interface no longer automatically refreshes the news feed, so tweets don’t disappear while reading them, like Android and iOS…

Twitter has finally updated its desktop website to behave the same way its iOS and Android apps do for undisrupted reading. Until this week, the web client automatically refreshed users’ timelines, essentially causing tweets to “disappear.” Twitter already abandoned the auto-refresh feature on its mobile apps. But now, the website is updated to leave tweets in-place, with users being able to decide when to reload their timelines.

Twitter Stops Auto-Refreshing Timelines on the Web

Twitter’s update to its web interface is just one of many new options the company has added over the past several months. For instance, the microblog introduced Spaces about a year ago. Last week, it expanded its Blue premium product, which allows users to “undo” tweets, offers ad-free news articles, as well as a Nuzzel-like roundup of top articles. The company likewise updated its website to allow everyone to soft-block other users just a little over a month ago.

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