June 18, 2021
Twitter Stops Transcoding High-Quality JPEG Image Uploads

Twitter Says it will No Longer Degrade High-Quality JPEG Image Uploads, Starting Today

Short-form microblog Twitter has announced it will no longer downgrade the quality of JPEG images to its platform but maintain high quality uploads…

Twitter is out with a surprising announcement today, revealing it will stop diminishing the original quality of JPEG image uploads. Engineer Nolan O’Brien states JPEG encoding will now be preserved in the original format for pics shared via the web interface.

Twitter Stops Transcoding High-Quality JPEG Image Uploads

In a morning tweet, Twitter brought some good news to photographers on its site. The microblog will stop transcoding JPEG pictures. That means, it won’t compress and thereby lower, the images that are uploaded by users via desktop machines.

Although, Twitter will still transcode thumbnails. And apparently, any JPEG uploaded via mobile site or app, will also remain subject to compression. So, in order to take advantage of the change, people will have to upload their high-quality JPEG files on a laptop or desktop.

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