September 15, 2022
Twitter support bot

Twitter Support Bot System Begins Test Run

A new Twitter support bot system is up and running on the social microblog, with limited options to help users find tips, report abuse, and send feedback…

Twitter just launched a new direct message bot support system, featuring a limited number of options. Set-up under the official Twitter Support handle (@support), it provides help with account access, reporting impersonations and abuse, sending feedback, and getting tips.

Twitter Support Bot System Starts Limited Testing

To try the Twitter Support bot system, users simply create a new message thread, with @support, which connects to the home screen seen below:

Twitter support bot screenshot
Credit: Twitter

Currently, the most robust option comes under reporting abuse. It contains four options: Targeted harassment, Violent threats, Hateful conduct, and compromised Private information, as pictured below:

Twitter support bot report abuse screenshot
Credit: Twitter

However, the other main categories — account access, sending feedback, and getting tips — are not equipped with as many selections. The general feedback currently is the most shallow, with very few options.

Bots are a relatively new technology and are popular in Asia. But, bots have yet to catch-on in the United States, although there’s no shortage of them. For instance, Facebook Messenger hosts some 34,000 active bots, but just a few enjoy regular use.

Social media platforms are widely testing support for bots, which handle all kinds of inquiries and tasks, from ordering online to making reservations, to booking flights.

Recently, a joint study by the University of Southern California and Indiana University found approximately 15 percent or 48 million, Twitter accounts are actually bots, not humans. The scandal continues to plague the social microblog. The company also remains unprofitable. In May, Twitter will hold a shareholder vote to convert the company structure to a cooperative.

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