September 21, 2022
Twitter Tests New Bot Identification Label for User Clarity

Twitter is Experimenting with a New Label that Tells Users which Bots are Good and which are Bad

Twitter is working on a test campaign that requires bots to self-identify to users in order for the good ones to gain more legitimacy…

Twitter has long had a problem with bot accounts. These are generally fake accounts, created by software to artificially inflate follower numbers. Or, to carry out scams or outright cybercrime, and also to deploy malware, ransomware, and fleeceware. However, not all automated bots are bad. Some do serve legitimate purposes, like those that warn users in a geographic area about an unfolding natural disaster.

Twitter Tests New Bot Identification Label for User Clarity

Twitter says it’s now requiring over five hundred developer accounts to self-label in order to give “good bots a way to increase their legitimacy and build trust and transparency with their audience.” This should alert users to the presence of bot accounts carrying out valid and authentic activities. It should likewise serve as a red flag for bot accounts that aren’t readily identifiable as automated. Twitter explains in a FAQ on its help site: 

“When accounts send automated Tweets to share relevant information about content on another account, automated labels help you identify good bots from spammy ones and are all about transparency.”

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