August 4, 2021
Twitter Tests New Fleets Automatic Disappearing Tweets that Vanish after 24 Hours

Twitter is Experimenting with an Ephemeral Tweet Format that Automatically causes Posts to Disappear after 24 Hours

Twitter is the latest social site to offer disappearing user posts, starting with a test in Brazil for a new ephemeral feature…

It’s taken quite some time but Twitter is finally ready to give disappearing posts a try. A very familiar format that Snapchat pioneered and Facebook cloned through subsidiary Instagram, and later added to WhatsApp, as well as its flagship platform, ephemeral posts have proven very popular. So, the microblog is giving it a go, starting in Brazil.

Twitter Tests New Fleets Automatic Disappearing Tweets that Vanish after 24 Hours

Twitter’s new disappearing tweet option is called “Fleets.” And, the new format supports text, video, photos, and even GIF animations. So, it makes them all-the-more versatile. Plus, people can reply to a Fleet by clicking on it and sending back a DM or an emoji.

For now, Fleets won’t be available outside of Brazil and will only be an option on the Android and iOS mobile apps.

Mo Al Adham, Product manager at Twitter writes:

“Twitter is the place where you talk about topics that interest you. But some people say they feel insecure to Tweet because Tweets are public, permanent and exhibit public engagement counts (likes and Retweets). We want to make it possible for you to have conversations on the platform in new ways, with less pressure and more control , in addition to Tweets and Direct Messages (DMs). This is the reason why we will test, starting today in Brazil, a new feature called Fleets, a way to have conversations initiated with your fleeting thoughts.”

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