September 21, 2021
Twitter thread reply moderation

Twitter is Secretly Testing a New Moderation Tool for Thread Replies

A hidden Twitter thread reply moderation tool resides inside the app, giving users the ability to conceal comments away from others…

Security researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, who has a strong history of spotting features tucked away in code, has found yet another surprise. It appears Twitter is testing out a new tool called “replies moderation.”

Twitter Thread Reply Moderation Test Spotted

With a bit of clever reverse engineering, Wong dug up the feature, which allows users to hide replies under tweets. It also provides the option to show hidden replies to others. 

The new Twitter thread reply moderation tool gives users more granular control over their own profiles. It’s a way to put more onus on users rather than the platform itself in the way of moderating content.

This tool follows another concurrent test, in which Twitter invited users to try out its freshly redesigned replies.

There’s still no shortage of work for the microblog. Recently, news reports surfaced Twitter can hold onto deleted direct messages for years, even from abandoned or closed accounts.

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