January 16, 2022
Twitter threaded replies

Twitter begins Testing Threaded Replies and Status Indicators and There’s Little User Enthusiasm

Twitter threaded replies and status indicators come to the social microblog in the form of a limited test but users are skeptical…

In yet another surprising and odd move, Twitter just introduced two new features to its platform. The company is currently running a test with a limited group of users to see how the new tools work in-action. This, following its bizarre testing of an unfollow list.

Twitter Threaded Replies and Status Indicator Test Spotted

Combined, these transform the space into more of a message board or even make it more similar to a chat experience. Twitter threaded replies, which displays responses in nested, color-coded modes. Basically, it looks much like Facebook or Reddit, indenting every subsequent reply. Here’s what Sara Haider, the head of product at Twitter tweed out:

The other feature is one LinkedIn just added to its platform last year — a status indicator. As per other social sites, like Facebook and Instagram, a green dot indicates when a user is on the service. This is one particular feature users do not like. But, in a response to the initial announcement Haider explained users have full control. So, apparently, the tool can easily be toggled off at any time.

At this time, both Twitter threaded replies and status indicators are in an experimental phase. Which of course means, the company might tweak them before rolling them out to all users. Or, the social entity could very well nix one or both. It really depends on the test results.