April 8, 2021
Twitter threads

Twitter Unleashes ‘Threads,’ a New Option for Posting Tweetstorms

Twitter threads come to the social microblog, making it easy for users to post tweetstorms, with an easy-to-use tool for mobile devices…

Today, Twitter announced it’s releasing a new feature simply called “threads.” The threads tool makes posting tweetstorms super-easy. (For those unfamiliar, tweetstorms are a series of connected tweets which allow users to circumvent Twitter’s character count limit.)

Twitter Threads Tweetstorm Posting Feature Rolls Out

Now, threads are rolling out across the platform, which it first confirmed last month. Tweetstorms are a popular format for publishing long posts. Perhaps the most famous tweetstormer is Marc Andreessen, co-author of Mosaic.

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Twitter threads
Credit: Twitter

Tweetstorms have become more popular because of the infamous 140 Twitter character limit. The microblog recently doubled that limitation to 280 characters. But, users still seem to need more space to express themselves. In fact, Twitter states there are hundreds of thousands of threads tweeted out every single day.

To access Twitter threads, simply go over to the composer interface. Tap the “+” button and write a series of tweets. When done, tap “Tweet all” and the thread goes live. Each line can contain up to 240 characters. Plus, users can add media like photos, videos, GIFs and more. The tweet lines are editable (even after being published). Twitter publishes the various lines in the thread at a predetermined pace so they don’t all appear at one time.

There is a limit to threads — only twenty-five lines per — but this could change if users widely adopt the feature. Additionally, Twitter will display a truncated version if threads contain four or more lines so it doesn’t bog down users’ timelines. For such instances, users will see “Show this thread” option to expand the full content.

The new threads option is now going live on Android and iOS, as well as the web, over the next few weeks.