July 4, 2022
Twitter timeline news links

Twitter is Injecting More News Links in Users’ Timelines

Twitter timeline news links are becoming more prominent on Android, iOS, and the web as the microblog puts more emphasis on news stories…

Social microblog Twitter is up to a new trick. It’s promoting more news links in users’ timelines across Android, iOS, and the desktop platform. The company is now grouping tweets which mention a particular link in an effort to boost user engagement.

Twitter Timeline News Links Increasing

The move comes as a continuation of Twitter’s shift in focus to introduce more news through users’ timelines and Moments. And, it comes after the App Store moved the Twitter app into the news category and out of the social networking section. Additionally, Twitter has begun streaming live news segments inside the home timeline. Furthermore, the company is also compiling viral tweets into Moments.

However, this isn’t really new. The feature is much like what Facebook already does when multiple friends share the same link. Although, this does differ in one key aspect. Facebook now puts more emphasis on local news organizations. But, Twitter is taking a noticeably different approach.

Twitter is on a good run at this time. The microblog posted its first-ever profit in Q4 2017 and then the social network turned another profit in the first quarter of this year. This comes after the company suspends numerous accounts for tweetdecking and started really getting serious about its extensive bot problem.