August 5, 2022
Twitter timelines ranking algorithm

Twitter Timelines Ranking Algorithm Explained by Staff Engineers

Nicolas Koumchatzky and Anton Andryeyev explain how the Twitter timelines ranking algorithm works, providing an interesting under-the-hood look…

In a recent post in the Twitter engineering blog, Nicolas Koumchatzky and Anton Andryeyev reveal how the timelines ranking algorithm functions to show the most relevant tweets. The engineers explain that deep neural networks power the ranking algorithm using modeling capabilities and an AI or artificial intelligence platform by Cortex, an in-house team.

Twitter Timelines Ranking Algorithm Explained by the Social Microblog

The company also explains it uses NLP or Natural Language Processing, as well as other technologies. This helps to understand conversations and media domains. Prior to the implementation of the new ranking algorithm, the platform simply showed Tweets from followers in reverse chronological order. But with the addition of the ranking algorithm, it’s now much more complex. Here’s how it’s explained, quoted directly:

“In order to predict whether a particular Tweet would be engaging to you, our models consider characteristics (or features) of:

  • The Tweet itself: its recency, presence of media cards (image or video), total interactions (e.g. number of Retweets or likes)
  • The Tweet’s author: your past interactions with this author, the strength of your connection to them, the origin of your relationship
  • You: Tweets you found engaging in the past, how often and how heavily you use Twitter

Our list of considered features and their varied interactions keeps growing, informing our models of ever more nuanced behavior patterns.”

Every time a user refreshes his or her timeline, the company scores Tweets from all others followed since that user’s last visit. Read the full post on the official blog.

Twitter recently introduced a new emjoi search option and the social media platform announced its plans to add vertical video ads to the network.

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