July 29, 2021
Twitter Tomorrow Paid Weather Service Debuts

People can Now Turn to Twitter for Weather Forecasts (at a Cost of $10 per Month)

Twitter introduced a new weather forecasting service, available through a $10 per month subscription, featuring 18 local meteorologists…

Twitter is attempting to monetize its platform’s fast-breaking news style by rolling out a premium weather forecasting service. That’s right, for the low cost of $10 per month, subscribers get access to 18 local meteorologists across 15 North American cities and the Dominican Republic. Said meteorologists will produce a variety of free and paid content to help subscribers keep on top of local weather events with in-depth insight.

Twitter Tomorrow Paid Weather Service Debuts

Twitter calls the service “Tomorrow,” and paying customers get an unlimited number of questions to ask the meteorologists. The responses are guaranteed and there’s also a weekly newsletter to go with the service, along with early access to podcasts and long-form news. What’s more, there will be free content, though what’s included isn’t clear at this point in time.

Product VP Mike Park told Axios that weather is a great match for Twitter because people keep track of natural disasters on the platform, like hurricanes and floods. Plus, it could also be helpful to local authorities who need to provide key updates. Given how Twitter works, this makes quite a bit of sense. Though, it remains to be seen if people or how many people, will actually pay for something they can otherwise get easily for free.

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