September 11, 2021
Twitter latest tweets

Twitter just Launched an Experiment allowing Select Users to Toggle between the Latest and Top Tweets

Twitter is now testing a feature which allows some users to readily switch between top tweets and latest tweets on its mobile app…

Social microblog Twitter has started a limited test which gives some users the ability to quickly toggle between the latest and top tweets. A small group of people will now see a new button, located at the top right of the iOS app.

Twitter Top Tweets, Latest Tweets Toggle Test Announced

Those included in the trial will have an option reading “Switch to latest Tweets” or “Switch to top Tweets.” This toggles from a chronological order or Twitter’s algorithm.

Presently, the timeline works to surface what users might find most interesting. However, it’s come under criticism for placing hours-old tweets right at the top. Users simply don’t like it because Twitter bills itself as a place to see breaking news and top stories.

Here’s the tweet, announcing the test for iOS users:

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