December 9, 2021
follow topics on Twitter option

Twitter will Now Let Users Follow Topics, not Just Individual Profiles, Starting November 13th

It will soon be possible to follow topics on Twitter, rather than individual accounts, with the feature to be available globally on November 13th…

After months worth of testing, Twitter is almost ready to let users follow subjects instead of individual users. The social microblog has announced its Topics feature is already starting to roll out, with full global availability on November 13th.

Option to Follow Topics on Twitter to Roll Out Worldwide November 13th

The new option to follow Topics on Twitter boasts 300 areas of interest, including sports, gaming, entertainment, and many more). When users follow topics on Twitter, they’ll see tweets from authoritative accounts they don’t otherwise follow.

The feature will be of great help to people who don’t know who to follow specifically about particular subjects. Or, people who simply do not want to commit to following a number of accounts in that area.

It’s also a welcome option for not only new but experienced users who want to find content on certain subjects without having to search extensively.

It’s similar to the Google Discover feed, which allows users to follow specific topics. That interface not only lets people select topics, it also offers some granular controls. For instance, it lets users choose between seeing more or less of subjects, while likewise offering a number of feed content options.

Rob Bishop, who leads Topics team, tells The Verge:

“We know that the main reason that people come to Twitter is to keep up on the things that they’re interested in. The challenge is, it’s really quite difficult to do that on Twitter day-to-day.”

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