July 4, 2022
Twitter tweet labeling

Twitter Starts Testing Tweet Labels to make Following Conversations Easier

In its latest test, Twitter is experimenting with adding labels to tweets to help make it easier to follow conversations…

Twitter continues to try out new things in order to make conversations easier to follow. As most people familiar with the platform (and even those who’ve been scared off by the fire hydrant flow of information), following conversations isn’t simple.

Enter the latest attempt — tweet labels. The company has announced a new test, which replaces “original tweeter” with “Author.” Although it seems like a very minor change, it’s straightforward. People can more easily understand this term, particularly those who aren’t as acquainted with the network.

Twitter Tweet Labeling Test adds ‘Mentioned’ and ‘Following’

The latest Twitter tweet labeling test also includes two more, including “Mentioned” and “Following.” The “Mentioned” label applies to tweets the original author references in their post. Meanwhile, the “Following” label will appear on tweets of other followers.

As Twitter continues to experiment with these sorts of tweaks, it’s still up to users to make sense of what’s being said.

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