November 2, 2022
Twitter user help

Twitter User Help takes on New Meaning

Now, Twitter user help isn’t just about how to navigate the social media microblog, it’s a public plea for input to assist the ailing digital network.

To spite boasting 317 million monthly active users, Twitter is reaching out, asking for suggestions on how it can improve its user experience. At the close of the year, on December 29th, Chief Executive Jack Dorsey tweeted with users for over six hours, asking what features they most want. Earlier last year, the company’s stock plunged as bidders backed away.

Twitter User Help Now Literal

In September, a new Twitter tweet character count went live. It exempts images, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets in the character count. Additionally, @mentions do not count against the character limit. Other implemented changes have not changed the social microblog’s fortunes. Twitter has yet to turn a profit, a problem it’s long had for years.

The company announced shuttering Vine in October of last year, but its website remains intact. However, other changes could please its users and attract new ones. Twitter is studying options to improve its search and user timeline organization, particularly in regard to tweets by topic, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Twitter needs innovation and quickly. The social media platform, although very popular and regularly reported by news media, still suffers financial woes. The company’s stock was down about 29 percent last year.

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