November 26, 2021
Twitter Warns Vicariously Violates its Rules but Wants to Bring it into Compliance

Twitter is Warning Users Not to Use an App that Copies Others’ Timelines

Twitter states this innovative bot violates its terms of service but likes the idea behind it and wants to make it operate according to its rules…

Ever wanted to know what someone else’s Twitter timeline is like? Until now, the only way to mimic the experience was to manually replicate his or her “following” list. (That, by the way, would require doing so one account at a time.) So, entrepreneur Jake Harding build a tool called Vicariously. There’s just one problem — it violates Twitter’s rules.

Twitter Warns Vicariously Violates its Rules (but Wants to Bring it into Compliance)

Vicariously works very simply (for the end-user that is). Just log into the site and enter someone else’s Twitter handle. The software then replicates that person’s follows into a new list that’s added to the Vicariously user’s account.

Here’s where it becomes problematic. Twitter’s terms of service prohibit anyone from automatically adding users to a list in bulk. 

“We love that Vicariously uses Lists to help people find new accounts to follow and get new perspectives. However, the way the app is currently doing this is in violation of Twitter’s automation rules, We’ve reached out to them to find a way to bring the app into compliance with our rules.”

However, Harding is in talks with Twitter to make his creation fall within the boundaries of Twitter’s rules. If this sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because Twitter previously offered a feature that let users see others timelines back in 2011. But, the tool was discontinued.

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