October 1, 2022
Twitter's 'Read Article' prompt going live to all users

Twitter Says that This Test Worked So Well, it’s Expanding the Feature to Everyone

Twitter reveals it enjoyed such success with this particular test feature that it’s going to bring it to everyone that’s on the microblog…

Back in June, Twitter ran a little experiment. The microblog tested a new alert that prompts users to read pieces before they share them. The idea behind it was obvious — to get users to read content before they share it. Apparently, the trial went so well, Twitter is ready to bring it to everyone on the platform. Moreover, the company shared some of the results of the test.

Twitter’s ‘Read Article’ Prompt going Live to All Users after Successful Test

Twitter says that it caused people to open articles 40 percent more frequently than prior. Also, people reading through content before retweeting it rose by an impressive 33 percent. What’s more, some users declined to retweet things after reading them through, which Twitter says “is fine!” The company states it will pushing the feature out to everyone to encourage “more informed tweeting.” When it goes live, users will see a prompt exclaiming “headlines don’t tell the full story.”

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