May 24, 2022
Two-Factor Authentication App for Android Infected with Vultur Banking Trojan

Delete this 2FA App Immediately before it Steals Personal Banking Information

A compromised two-factor authentication app for Android was listed on the Google Play Store and injected with Vultur banking malware…

A once legitimate two-factor authentication mobile application has been removed from the Google Play Store after being corrupted with a stealth banking trojan. The infected app in question managed to amass thousands of downloads because of its genuine-looking functionality. However, hackers infiltrated the code with malicious malware, but not before it was downloaded and installed on at least 10,000 mobile devices.

Two-Factor Authentication App for Android Infected with Vultur Banking Trojan

The app, 2FA Authenticator, was submitted to the Google Play Store as an actual two-factor authenticator. However, sometime after it passed Google’s security protocols it was hijacked and loaded with a dangerous banking Trojan equipped with the notorious Vultur code. For those unfamiliar, Vultur is a banking Trojan that monitors financial applications for login credentials in order to defraud victims. Like other similar malware programs, it runs in secret and victims only learn about the theft after it’s too late.

Fortunately, security experts discovered the charade and reported it to Google who then probably deleted it from the Play Store. However, it still remains on at least 10,000 mobile devices and can still steal from unsuspecting consumers who downloaded it.

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