November 5, 2022
Typewise Keyboard App Promises to Reduce Typos by 80 Percent

Quirky New Typewise Keyboard App Ditches QWERTY Layout and Promises to Reduce Typos by 80 Percent

The Typewise keyboard app reinvents the traditional format, forgoing the QWERTY structure, and promises to seriously reduce typos…

There hasn’t been much in the way of innovation when it comes to keyboard layout. While some neat features have hit, such as swipe-typing, auto-correction, and word prediction, there’s been no real sea-change. That is, until now, with the introduction of Typewise.

Typewise Keyboard App Promises to Reduce Typos by 80 Percent

The new Typewise keyboard app not only rearranges the structure of the keys, it also promises its users can experience up to an 80 percent reduction in typos.

Sporting large, hexagon-shaped tiles, Typewise ditches the familiar QWERTY layout in favor of a totally new interface. 

It not only claims to substantially cut down on typos, it also boasts an offline AI system. So, it works without an internet connection. Moreover, it learns users’ habits, in order to predict, correct, and add words to its vocabulary.

Although, new adopters will most definitely have to go through a learning curve to achieve enough proficiency to replace their traditional keyboards. It’s already had a successful run in Switzerland and is now available internationally.

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