August 5, 2022
Uber On-Trip Reporting Safety Feature Introduced

Uber Now Helps Passengers Report Problematic Drivers through New On-Trip Reporting Safety Feature

Uber has added another safety option to its platform called “On-Trip Reporting,” that allows passengers to alert the company to bad drivers…

When it comes to ridesharing trips, no one knows what to expect. While the vast majority are uneventful, some are quite memorable, and not in a good way. There are instances when passengers feel uneasy or unsafe. So, Uber has introduced a new option to report non-emergency safety issues.

Uber On-Trip Reporting Safety Feature Introduced

The new feature is On-Trip Reporting and lets riders alert the company of problematic drivers right away, instead of having to wait until their route is over.

Uber hopes this will provide an extra level of convenience, since in most cases users simply don’t want to spend any more time completing a report. (They’d just rather let it go as a bad but one-time experience.)

To report an issue with a driver, riders only need to tap on the blue shield icon to launch the Safety Toolkit. Once inside, they’ll see a “report safety incident” and after completing a short form, Uber will contact him or her.

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