January 18, 2022
Uber PIN Code Safety Solution Rolls Out

Uber Now Offers PIN Verification as a New Safety Precaution

Uber, the ride-hailing company, is stepping up its efforts to provide a more safe experience for its customers with a PIN code verification…

Starting this week, all Uber passengers in the United States and Canada will have an option to use a PIN code to verify they are indeed in the right vehicle.

Uber PIN Code Safety Solution Rolls Out

Uber is increasing its safety precautions with a PIN verification for its night rides — those occurring between 9PM and 6AM.

Now, passengers can enable a new feature in the app through the settings in order to require a PIN number for every ride. 

Uber first tested the option is September and it became part of a pilot program that ran across seven cities, starting in December.

It’s another safety precaution, joining its long-standing practice of displaying the car model and license plate. (Uber also sends push notifications, something it began doing back in April of last year.)

Although not specifically stated, the new safety protocol comes after the homicide of Samantha Josephson, a student who got into the wrong car after scheduling an Uber ride.

When activated, the rider receives a unique PIN code, which he or she shares with the driver. Once verified, the service officially starts.

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