October 1, 2022
UK Administration Orders McAfee to Refund Auto-Renew Customers

Government Agency Told to Refund Auto-Renew Customers after Probe

McAfee must give back the money it charged to customers who insist they didn’t provide authorization for auto-renewal subscriptions…

McAfee, an American-based but global computer security software company, must refund its auto-renew customers for the fees the entity charged, an administrative agency in the United Kingdom has ruled. The decision comes after a thorough probe into the corporation’s practices. This, after the organization found the cyber security firm wasn’t completely clear about its subscription practices.

UK Administration Orders McAfee to Refund Auto-Renew Customers

The United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority or CMA acted on a super-complaint filed by the Citizens Advice watchdog group, which took up the matter after numerous consumer reports that their subscriptions auto-renewed without their approval. As a result, affected McAfee customers can unsubscribe and demand a refund for the remaining months. Plus, McAfee must provide refunds to those who were previously denied following similar complaints in 2020. CMA chief executive Andrea Coscelli explains: 

“People should not be tied into auto-renewing contracts for products they no longer want or need. Subscriptions should be clearly described, easy to exit and customers should not be tied into ongoing auto-renewals without adequate refund rights.”

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