August 5, 2021
UK Banning Huawei Devices from its 5G Networks

Huawei Devices might Soon be Banned from the UK’s 5G Networks

Huawei gear probably won’t be compatible with the United Kingdom’s 5G networks as recent reports state the GCHQ has serious concerns…

The United States has already taken action against Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese companies over potential spying. Now, the United Kingdom appears to be following suit, with news agencies reporting the GCHQ has “revised” its previous assessment. The Government Communications Headquarters believes Huawei simply poses too much of a threat to be allowed.

UK Banning Huawei Devices from its 5G Networks

The UK already decided in January that it would permit equipment from Huawei, along with other “high risk” companies. But, only within non-core portions of the nation’s 5G networks. It would place 35 percent limit on networks connecting devices, as well as other hardware, to mobile masts. Then, reports emerged stating the UK would instead phase out all Huawei over a three year period.

That plan has apparently changed. It could be as little as six months any new Huawei equipment will be banned from joining. What’s more, any equipment currently in place would be removed. If true, even to a smaller extent, it would substantially reduce Huawei’s presence in two major markets. This situation could worsen for the Chinese-backed company if other US and UK allies followed.

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