November 7, 2022
UK CMA orders eBay and Facebook to better police fake reviews

eBay and Facebook Receive Directive to Do more to Tackle the Problem of Fake Reviews

The United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority warns eBay and Facebook to step up their policing of fake reviews…

Fake reviews are a big problem for consumers. Trouble is, fake reviews are also a thriving niche industry. Unscrupulous businesses pay for positive but bogus reviews as a way to make their products sell better. Also, people just aren’t really aware of the practice.

That hurt consumers in the end and the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is telling eBay and Facebook to do more to combat the problem.

UK Competition and Markets Authority Orders eBay and Facebook to Do More to Police Fake Reviews

The regulator reveals it crawled content on eBay and Facebook from November of 2018 through June of 2019. During that examination period, the agency found over one-hundred eBay listings selling fake review services.

Back in April, a study of 2,000 American consumers from CPC Strategy found reviews are a huge influence in purchasing decisions.

Almost 90 percent of consumers reported reading reviews before making a purchase decision. Of those surveyed, 75 percent stated they “fully” or “somewhat” trusted the reviews. And, this is precisely the problem, according to the CMA:

“It is estimated that over three-quarters of UK internet users consider online reviews when choosing what to buy. Billions of pounds of people’s spending is influenced by reviews every year. Fake and misleading reviews not only lead to people making poorly informed choices and buying the wrong products, but they are also illegal under consumer protection law.”

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