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The UK Government Places ‘12,000 Pieces of Information’ on Google and Amazon Smart Speakers

UK government adds official information to Alexa and Google Assistant


The government of the United Kingdom just added twelve-thousand bits of official information to both Google and Amazon smart speakers…

Smart speakers sure can make life a little easier. These high-tech devices are ideal for answering basic questions. Just inquire about the weather outside or ask how high Mount Washington is and the answers come back immediately.

But, ask about the Fenian raids or something a bit more obscure and it’s likely to show limitations. The same goes with hunting about for specifics on government information. 

UK Official Government Information Added to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Smart speakers do indeed have limitations but that’s changing. The UK government just added 12,000 pieces of information to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

So, it’s now possible to find answers to niche questions. Device owners can inquire about the next upcoming bank holiday or get more information about obtaining a passport.

Of course, smart speakers still can’t answer every question in relation to government services and more.

Although, it’s a welcome alternative to shifting through endless pages on the web to try and locate answers.

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