August 5, 2022
unconfirmed Google Algorithm update

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update Spotted

Last week, an unconfirmed Google Algorithm update appeared on the radar of several search results tracking tools; perhaps a tweak to the Penguin signal…

Various search results tracking tools picked up changes last week against link spam and private blog networks. Google is apparently tweaking algorithms, possibly including Penguin (a signal which devalues links but does not demote sites).

Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Detected by Many Search Results Tracking Tools

Google is not confirming or denying any algorithm change but several tracking tools did reveal significant changes. It’s unclear if this involves current signals or if this indicates a completely new algorithm added to the already sizeable Google arsenal. On or about February 1st, a lot of search results tracking tools, including MozCast, Algoroo, and RankRanger, reportedly detected large changes.

Additionally, the “black hat” SEO community complained previously reliable deceptive tactics no longer work as well. Conversely, many “white hat” SEO community members did not report any changes.

However, private blog networks publicly lamented their sites are not performing as well. Among these are fewer new links being indexed, as well as complaints PBNs being hit with penalties. It’s still unsure if this is Penguin related, part of another existing signal, or the introduction of one or more new algorithms.

In January, the Google mobile intrusive interstitial penalty began hitting sites using language and/or country selector pop ups. The search engine’s new pop up penalty went live on January 10th but appears to have little impact thus far. Also in January, Google Plus Events returned to the social site and a low-quality comments filter launched on the platform.

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