July 3, 2022
Unicode Emoji 12.0 candidates

Unicode Unveils Its List of 12.0 Emoji Candidates for 2019

The latest proposed Unicode Emoji 12.0 candidates are out now, totalling 104 at last count, including a prosthetic arm and leg, an otter, and plenty more…

Some huge announcements have come out of Google I/O 2018, including Gmail Smart Compose and an official acknowledgement of the rumored Google News redesign. Flying under the radar is the addition of falafel emoji and the rest of the Unicode 12.0 candidates. 

Unicode Emoji 12.0 Candidates Announced

Due to launch in the first quarter of next year, the upcoming update counts 104 candidates. These include a mechanical arm, a prosthetic leg, pinching hand, service canine, sloth, otter, flamingo, and an orangutan. Also on the list are a few clothing items, for instance a sari and ballet shoes, a mix of food-related options, as well as geometric shapes.

Unicode will solitic and evaluate feedback prior to the final release in 2019. So, not all will make it to the final batch. We’ll see what makes the cut and what’s left on the drawing board. The last edition contained 130 additions in beta Emoji 11.0 but others were later added. Those extras included sewing, knitting, and skateboarding, among others. Making the final tally 161 for 2018.