July 3, 2022
Unofficial Darker Sky Replaces Dark Sky Weather App on Android

There’s an Unofficial Successor to the Dark Sky Weather App but, It’s Likely to Have a Short Lifespan

Darker Sky, an unofficial revival of the now defunct Dark Sky hyper-local weather app is available for download, but how long is unknown…

Back in March, Apple purchased Dark Sky in a surprising move. Shortly thereafter, the iconic hardware company announced it would scuttle the hyper-local weather app on Android and on Wear OS. Then, just weeks ago, Apple completely shut it down (though its desktop website enjoyed a short reprieve). Now, there’s a clone for Android – which isn’t sincerely recommended, for potential privacy and security reasons.

Unofficial ‘Darker Sky’ Replaces Dark Sky Weather App on Android

An anonymous developer is currently offering (maybe) Darker Sky, which is a fairly close clone of Dark Sky. It sports a look and feel that’s quite familiar of the defunct software. Plus, a good number of the Android client’s free features are part of the experience. These include full forecasts, the time machine, precipitation, temperature, and radar. However, it doesn’t have weather notification, widgets, or report submissions.

If Darker Sky disappears — which it probably will sooner or later —  there are still alternatives. For instance, there’s still Accuweather, Weatherbug, and a few others that deliver hyper-local weather. But, for those true die-hard fans, this could serve as a temporary break from the absolute end. Although, it’s still not advisable to install it, because it’s not officially sanctioned by Google.

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