May 22, 2022
Unofficial Wordle Mobile Apps could Pose Risk

Suspicious Wordle Clones Showing Up on the Google Play Store — Don’t Install Them

Sketchy copies of the popular word guessing game Wordle are disguised as legitimate mobile app versions…

Over the last few days, Wordle, a wildly popular word guessing game has taken social media by storm. The UK-based game has gained a very sizable following in a really short time. However, it was only designed as a web-based application and there are no official Android or iOS app versions. But, shady facsimiles are now appearing on the Google Play Store, most likely placed there by bad actors.

Unofficial Wordle Mobile Apps could Pose Risk

Although Wordle is only legitimately available through s dedicated website, the suspicious clones are circulating for both iOS and Android. Some have already amassed thousands of downloads and unfortunately might contain malware or fleece wear. For instance, one known duplicate on iOS ass people to pay a premium subscription for a game that is completely free.

Because of its explosion in popularity, threat actors will inevitably try to cash in to make a quick buck. Whenever something gains such a substantial following, nefarious characters will attempt to exploit it to the fullest. Sadly, Apple and Google’s screening processes aren’t foolproof and malicious apps still make their way through the filters and onto the platforms. Anyone who comes across a Wordle clone should report it immediately and avoid downloading it.

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