November 2, 2022
Twitter Subscribe to Conversation

Hidden Twitter ‘Subscribe to Conversation’ Button will Allow Users to Follow a Chat without Engaging It

A new Twitter Subscribe to Conversation option, apparently in the testing phase, will allow users to quickly get back to discussions without interacting…

It looks like Twitter is in the midst of testing out a new feature called “Subscribe to conversation.” It’s a option uncovered by Jane Manchun Wong, who has a reputation for finding hidden tools.

Unreleased Twitter Subscribe to Conversation Button Uncovered

The purpose behind the new Twitter Subscribe to conversation is to let people follow along with specific exchanges without having to like, comment, or reply.

In other words, choose “Subscribe to conversation” to come back to a dialogue later on, never having to interact to find it again.

Usually, when Wong reveals such secrets to the public, the companies do not confirm her findings. However, this time is different. The Twitter Comms team responded:

Even though Twitter did confirm the tool, the microblog did not provide a time frame for its release.

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