November 5, 2022
Android xHelper unremovable malware

45,000 Android Mobile Devices Infected with a New and Powerful ‘Unremovable’ Malware called xHelper

A new and pervasive malware Trojan known as xHelper has already infected 45,000 Android devices and it can’t be removed…

Cybersecurity firms Symantec and MalwareBytes are warning Android device owners of a new and “unremovable” Trojan malware called xHelper. 

‘Unremovable’ Android xHelper Malware Infects 45,000 Devices

The malicious software was first discovered in the wild in May 2019, affecting mostly users in India, the US, Russia. Since its discovery, it’s quickly risen into the top 10 of the most detected mobile malware programs.

Symantec says, “In the past month alone, there was an average of 131 devices infected each day, and an average of 2,400 devices persistently infected throughout the month.”

MalwareBytes had previously estimated the number of infected phones to be about 33,000, suggesting a rapid spread in just two months. Now, it’s on 45,000 devices, according to Symantec.

Symantec has also warned the Trojan is in a state of constant evolution. Apparently, new code updates go out regularly.

The malware carries out spam campaigns and ad revenue schemes. Plus, it possess other, more dangerous features. For instance, it has the ability to actually download and install other apps. If it does so, it’s then possible to deploy second-stage malicious payloads, including ransomware, banking Trojans, DDoDs bots, as well as password stealers.

What’s worse, there’s no clear way to uninstall it. Only some victims have reported success in getting rid of it. But, many more have not, even with paid mobile antivirus solutions.

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