The Next Version of Google Chrome Threatens to Hurt Hundreds of Trusted Sites

Chrome 70 security

Chrome 70 security will strengthen certain features, which is great news for users but it might have unintended consequences for hundreds of sites…

The next release of the Google Chrome browser will bring some new security measures. While these will help protect users, it might have some heavy consequences for hundreds of trusted websites.

Security researcher Scott Helme, has discovered hundreds of the top one-million sites, still using old Symantec HTTPS certificates, dating back before June 2016, will not be trusted by the Chrome browser.

Upcoming Chrome 70 Security Changes to Break Hundreds of Sites

Sites potentially impacted by the upcoming browser security changes include Penn State Federal Credit Union, the government of Tel Aviv, and multiple Indian government sites. Some sites on the list have already switched to newer certificates, which will likely spare them from encountering problems.

It’s important to note, this won’t block sites outright. Instead, it will trigger pop-up warnings, which might in-turn scare away security-conscious individuals.

Such security changes have long been forewarned by Google. The search company already said last year Chrome will stop trusting some Symantec certificates. The browser began distrusting some certificates with the release of version 66, which launched this spring.

Google continues to advise all webmasters to switch over to encrypted sites, and adopt HTTPS status.

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